Dangerous Compassions

I like the way you stim

Look at my new hat.  I wore this our second walk on Harford Pier.  We saw an otter out in the water–sometimes it floated on its back to rest, then dove.  I like the way you stim.

i like the way you stim

I wanted to embroider the words on this pink baseball cap, but my needle couldn’t go through the plastic.  So I just used permanent marker, extra fine.

You can feel however you feel about autism.  For me, it’s a valid variation of person, disabling to different degrees.  I’d rather change non-disabled people to welcome more variety, than harm autistic persons like me, changing us to act more normal.  The convenience of non-disabled people isn’t more important than my happiness and well-being.

At any rate, I like the way you stim.  I put my ponytail through the gap in the back of the hat, like I saw others do long ago.  It made me feel like a real lesbian, and I would start playing softball imminently.

“Yeah, you could start wearing keys on a lanyard too,” Ming said.  I laughed and thought of my key lanyard at home.  It was nice to queer on the pier.  Love to my softball playing friends.


Also I like tractors!  I saw a beautiful yellow forklift on the pier.  What do you think?  I think it’s gorgeous.  Yeah, I’d like to embroider it.  Look how the steering wheel presses up bravely, the scrape-rust, and the cute light on the top.


These are pretty pier supports.  Nice lines.  Yes, yummy.

pier support

Do you like this fishing equipment?  I do.  Even though I don’t like fishing.  Looks serious!


There is this circle also, on a door.  It’s grate.


If you tell me, “I like the way you stim,” that could inspire access intimacy.  It’s a phrase of kindness, validating people with different sensory and social needs such as myself.

Love among disabled people is sacred.  Thank you for doing love as you can.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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