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sermon on radical mental health

sermon on radical mental health

I’m giving a sermon on radical mental health for the local Unitarian Universalist church.  It’s the morning of Sunday, January 30 at 10:30am pacific time.  Please let me know if you’d like the zoom access.  It would be great if you could attend!  This is the blurb I wrote.

Most people struggle with mental health at some time in our lives, and there are many ways to frame that work.  Radical mental health is about community support, compassion, mutual aid, changing culture, and telling the truth.  Radical mental health can help us maintain our personal power and see our own validity, even during difficult times.  It acknowledges that we are the experts of our own lives.  Anyone can feel big emotions, and we all have emotional needs. 

Laura-Marie, long-time friend of UUCLV, will share ideas about what radical mental health is, including unconditional self-love, freedom and choice for all people, cultural change, and how friends make the best medicine.

It’s exciting to share some of my most important truths with this church full of people who are bright, curious, and want to do community and true love.  Radical mental health is well-aligned with the UU principles of inherent worth and dignity of all people, justice work, and acceptance of one another.

So it makes sense to do this sermon here.  Here are some UU principles, but I think there’s an eighth principle now too?

deepest values

The talk is a shorter version of the radical mental health talk I gave to some peers in Canada last November, and talks I’ve given at street medics trainings, a justice event, and for some nurses in California.  Feels good to share this info that means so much to me, and speak of my deepest values.

It’s vulnerable to give a sermon on radical mental health, but vulnerable is what I’m here on earth to do.  I believe in this work!

sermon giver

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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