Dangerous Compassions


Nonsense is important to me as a source of creativity and source of sense.  I recommended this video to an artist friend in Sacramento, so I rewatched it this morning, and I was reminded how much I love it.

I was laughing at the beautiful specious nonsense and invited Ming to watch with me.

“This is all nonsense,” I said to Ming, as I oo-ed and ah-ed over the pretty rectangles depicted.  I love the way the narrator puts graffiti removal into the context of art movements.  “Specious nonsense is my favorite,” I told Ming.

Yes, it is all fake, but it is also real.  I would say the real and the fake and the real are layered together like an onion.  Or a saucy lasagna, like me.

Probably my favorite part is where the narrator mentions the concept of a dangerous buildup of artistic impulse.  The unconscious art-making of graffiti removers is a resolution of that impulse.  Yes!

I also really like when she refers to the ruling class.  So much about economics and power is euphemized.  I love hearing someone mention the ruling class, as it is.

Seeing that video now, 12 years after I first saw it, I can identify how important many of these things became to me.  Yes, I always loved graffiti, but my love is deeper now.  And I always loved industrial landscapes, concrete trucks, bridges, shipping containers, trains.  Rectangles of color.  But it’s more intense inside me now.

Paying a lot of attention to something for a lot of years has changed me.  I like this person I am.  Nature-loving urban-loving artist person.

energy to art

I’m getting ready to start new projects and give a lot of energy to art.  Here is a freaky praying mantis I embroidered, as part of the January friendship art along.  I’m ready for the things I embroider to overlap.  Note the mantis foot in the mouth of the red pretzel snake.


I made this short video of driving through a fog land in Galt, at dusk.  There’s the crunchy sound of our tires on gravel.

Thank you for appreciating what I have to share.  I love you.  I hope my vision is helpful to you, for your own vision.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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