Dangerous Compassions


Hey, guess what.  I wrote some fiction.  I read it to Ming on a walk–just 500 words.

It’s kind of a ghost story.  Ming thought it was amazing and said something really smart about it.  He said it was straightforward, leading the reader by the hand.  He contrasted this fiction with my poetry–he said my poetry includes intentional misdirection.

Wow, I love that idea.  Intentional misdirection.  Yeah, I can see why he says that.  When I write a poem, I’m expecting the reader to make a lot of jumps.  I’m trusting their intelligence quite a bit.  Isn’t it a joy, to make a thought-leap with a stranger, in art?  When a speaker trusts you to be smart enough to understand what they’re doing?

The fiction is straightforward.  But it’s just the beginning.  Maybe it’ll get weirder–hope so.  Like my favorite Chocolate Factory quote: The suspense is killing me; I hope it lasts.


The fiction I’m writing is part of a project with a friend.  It’s on this website called rpg crossing.   It’s a forum where people play games, textily.

fictionMing and I are both on there now.  I’m not much of a gamer, but writing is my life.  I’m happy to try a new kind of writing.


I recorded myself singing Brotherhood of Man by Innocence Mission.  We were at a park in Sacramento, under a shade structure with nice acoustics.  You can hear birds tweeting, Ming’s footsteps, and maybe a distant train.  Please give it a listen.

This song is about love, especially stranger-love, which is one of my favorites.  These are my values!

Thank you for enjoying all the different kinds of work I do.  Yes, I’m a disabled worker, doing all this pretty much for free.

  • writing
  • singing
  • rapping
  • making zines
  • making visual art
  • fat liberation
  • queer liberation
  • spreading information
  • radical mental health
  • organizing
  • feeding people
  • friendship
  • visioning
  • modeling different ways of being
  • ecstatic dance
  • healing
  • permaculture
  • caring for Ming
  • peace work
  • loving Mother Earth
  • social media
  • blogging
  • telling the truth every day

Does the world value these things?  Eh, so so!  But still I keep trying.  This human birth is an amazing opportunity.  I’m shining my light.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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