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my favorite stims

my favorite stims

Stimming is a common thing humans do.  Stims can be comforting, stress reducing, pleasurable.  I made a video (with Ming’s help) about my favorite stims.  The CC works pretty good; it says stems instead of stims, but you get the idea.

Thought you might like to see what I do.  Or you might like some new ideas for how to comfort yourself.  Maybe you could try my favorite stims and see if they feel good for you also.

We recorded it here in Galt, by the cabin we’re staying at for a few days, as Ming sees his relatives in the Bay Area.  This trip is amazing.

There are hand / wrist stims, swaying and rocking stims, something like ecstatic dance without music.  I mention but don’t demonstrate vocal stims.

How do you like to stim?  It could be an autism thing, a crazy thing, or just a way of life.  Being kind to my body is a big part of what I’m learning to do, as an adult.  Thank you for enjoying my liberation and liberating yourself also, if you need to.

trip fund

We made a gofundme for the trip we’re on, if you’d like to chip in.  It can be found here.

I’m doing intense emotional work, as it’s almost two years since my mom died.  I set aside these first two years to intensely grieve.  Of course I’ll always be grieving her.  But I’m ready to do a wave of deep spiritual work, then make new space in my life for other work beginning February.

I’m in California to visit the place my parents’ ashes are scattered, pray, sing, see the ocean, and move grief through my body.  Ways you could help besides donation are prayers, songs, lighting a candle, sending me an encouraging txt or note.  Wishing upon a star for our well-being.

Thank you for the love.  It matters!

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