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be gay do picnics

be gay do picnics

Be gay do picnics is my conclusion about this video, which I love.  By the end I was in tears, moved by the mom moral.  Lately I’m trying to see art that makes me laugh–I need more ways to relax.  Laughter is a remedy to stress response.  I need it for my health.

I wanted to find a comedian who was feminist and maybe radical.  Sofie Hagen is brilliant and amazing, but if I look at the comments, wow.  Big mistake.  The fat hate is thicker than molasses!  I cry and cry.

Ming suggested Helen Cho.  I was like–ok.  I looked her up.  She was a young actor in some action movie.  An avenger?

Oops–he meant Margaret Cho.  Yes, she is brilliant.  I do enjoy her work.

But her video Green Tea with Awkwafina is kind of annoying.  There’s a humor that’s novel and some great lines.  The vulva-hyping chorus is perfect.  But I don’t like hearing their collaboration over and over.  The character Margaret Cho is portraying is just annoying.  I get the point, but it’s not enjoyable long term.


I like Pockiez way more, also very clever.  Maximum clever!  “Kill a dude off while I’m menstruating–don’t need a dick when I’m penetrating,” is so sly.  So charmingly hilarious.  Love it.

I just watched the video again and saw the quick image of Go, which I’d never noticed.  I thought the Awkwafinas were playing chess–nope, guess it was Go.  Thank you for spoofing on top of spoofing.  Genius.

My good friend suggests this comedian Heather Rogue, local to Sacramento, where Ming and I lived many years.  Hmm, before her time?

There’s a lot to explore.  I need more ways to relax.  Other people smoke weed, drink alcohol, watch movies, get massages, care for pets…?

I have a ton of wellness tools, but laughter would be amazing.  Please be gay do picnics with me.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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