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Japanese Funk and Soul

Japanese Funk and Soul

Hey, how are you doing?  Thought you might like this Japanese Funk and Soul on Vinyl (Late 70’s, early 80’s.).

I thought it might be fun to dance to–youtube showed it to me.  Thank you, algorithm!  Yes, I was right.  It was fun to dance to.

I like that the music was very new to me.  I’d start to get a lil bored, and then I’d hear something very exciting.  Also cool was that it’s from around when I was born and a little kid.  I’m always curious about the late 1970s and early 1980s.  I came from that time.


I danced only 11 minutes, then moved into the kitchen to make some dinner.  Japanese funk and soul was good cooking music.

A block of tofu froze in the fridge unexpectedly.  So I thawed that on the counter much of the day.  Then I diced it and fried it in my wok.  I added fresh minced garlic at the end.  You know some people freeze their tofu intentionally to get a spongy texture.  Yes, it got spongy perfectly.

I used to eat a lot of rice and quinoa, but I’m shifting to more fruits and veg.  So I ate a kiwi fruit as I cooked.  I boiled a carrot and small sweet potato.

For sauce I put a dollop of tahini, and I put a little fresh basil on my plate for a tasty garnish.  And I put salt on everything.  Mmm, yummy!  It looked like this.



I don’t think of myself as a fiend for novelty.  But sometimes new music does good things to my brain.

When I was young, I used to be super cautious with new music.  Long ago friends would make me a mix, and it might take me half a year to feel ready to hear it.  Sometimes that would hurt their feelings.  But it wasn’t about them.  I just needed to feel safe, most of the time.  I wasn’t ready to let in something that could blow my mind.

Music is good at blowing my mind.  The sexy woman song toward the end of the Japanese mix reminds me superficially of Super Sexy Woman from an early Sufjan Stevens album.  Pretty silly.


My dinner of tofu and veg was delicious and accidentally vegan.  Yes, I eat weird.  I hope you are not surprised by that.  Thank you for loving me the way I am.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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