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January friendship art along

Gmorning.  Sorry I forgot to invite you to the January friendship art along.  But it’s not too late for you to catch up, if you’d like to join.

Here’s the list of prompts.

January friendship art along

My friend Ariel made prompts 1-13.  I did the rest and made the graphic.  There’s a facebook group where we can share what we make. It’s a form of community.

It was hella fun to do this in November.  January friendship art along could be just as nice.

I loved to embroider a heart–I never did that before.  Then I made it into a gift for day two.  Yes, my heart is nothing, if not to give away.

January friendship art along

I wrote a poem also.  It’s called gift and is about giving myself to someone, or aspects of me.  Feels personal and hidden.

I would like to do interpretive dance too, every day, to create a dance that speaks to the day’s prompt.  Feels daring.


Love to the people who make art of all kinds.  As a gift, Ming embroidered a squid for me.  It blew me away.  Wow.  Squids are his specialty.


Aren’t the eyes perfect?  Who knew Ming could be great at this.  The short multi-tentacles are so cool.

“Did you look at a picture?” I asked.  “Or did you just made it freehand?”

“I just made it,” he said.

I love how the vivid colors look on black fabric.  Usually the combination of black and green bothers me, but this is just gorgeous. I’m glad I stumbled into using mostly black fabric for patches.  But I want some solid pink also, for next month.

two amazing

At first I felt worried, that Ming is so amazing at art embroidery also.  Surprise combined with fear.  I was scared like–uh oh; I’m not the only art embroiderer in this family.  Am I safe?  I was worried about losing my role.

Then I realized we can both be amazing.  Of course–we already are both amazing, in so many ways.  His greatness could never diminish mine, and vice versa.  In fact, we can be even greater together.

It’s an old scarcity fear from when I was a kid.  I needed to be the smart one, because that was all I had.


I hope you’re making art that nourishes you, or doing whatever Mother God put you on earth to do, dear reader.  Getting what you need to receive, and giving what you need to give.  I love you.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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