Dangerous Compassions


Hey, guess what.  Ming and I were at the Mexican grocery store, and we were looking for a specific thing.  But I was attracted to the nopales.  A bag of fresh cactus, prepped–spines were removed, and it was diced.

I wanted to buy it to make some, but I felt a tug of guilt.  It’s a sacred food.  What if it sat in the fridge, uneaten?  I would feel really bad for wasting it.

Then I decided I can’t let my life be ruled by fear.

cooking nopales

Next morning I rinsed half of it in a colander.  A lot of goo rinsed off!  Then I fried it up in olive oil with fresh garlic.  Wow–delicious.  Yes, please.

What if they missed a spine?  I touched the nopales as I rinsed it in the colander, thinking it would be better to hurt my hand than my mouth.  But it was perfect.


It has a tang of acidity.  Ming thinks they might soak it in lemon juice in the bag.

“The bag says it’s just nopales,” I said.

“Yeah, but do you trust they’re telling the truth?” he asked.

“Well!  Maybe!  Foods can have a tang.  It’s possible!” I said.

Then two days later, we ate the rest with scrambled eggs.  And more garlic–yes.  Three cloves.  Thank you, sweetheart Ming.



Nopales is such a great plant!  There’s a reason it’s my new last name.  Also, my good friend visited the other day and gave me this present.  She bought it in California.


“What is this for?” I asked, wondering about a holiday.  Solstice present?  Bonus present for my birthday?

“Just because I love you!” she said.

“Oh!  Ok!” I said, smiling, happy to be loved.  “It’s so pretty!  Like a milagro, but painted.”  Not really–this is thinner and bigger.  But metal also.

“It was this cool Mexican store.  I thought of you,” she said.  “I wanted to buy the whole wall of these.”  She told me she got herself a grim reaper.

thank you

Thank you to all who nurture me with your love.  Good friend, plant medicine, Mother Earth, Ming.  Your love is true, and I feel grateful for you.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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