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disperse the energy

Lately I’m enjoying sending to a few friends the art that I had on my ofrenda, for Day of the Dead.  Feels like a great way to disperse the energy.  And I hope the friends enjoy the art.  I don’t need to keep that powerful, potent stuff around.  Glad to spread joy to the world.

let’s dance

Dance is my other favorite way to disperse the energy.  I asked Ming to take some pictures of me dancing in the driveway, for an art I’m working on.  I took some of him first.

dispersing the energy

Recently when I had a limpia, I learned a lot about myself and how I relate socially, and how I feel about the spirit world.  There was a fuckton of new ideas and information to incorporate, so I danced, to disperse the energy–to disperse the energy from my head to my whole body and out into the world.

dispersing the energy

when my mom was dying

I learned how to do that when my mom was dying.  That’s when dance became a huge part of my self-care.  I would not have survived all that, if not for the movement.

I remember Ming and I visited our friend in Los Angeles one time, on our way home to Vegas, after seeing my mom as she was dying for realsies.  Ming and friend had to return for something to prepare for their hike, but I already had the music going and was dancing like a damn freak in my socks in his living room.

I was going through more emotional pain than I’d ever experienced in my life.  Dance was the only way to handle that.  I needed all the help I could get, but especially embodied.


I was playing this possibly obscure spiderworks song as loud as possible.

It was kind of embarrassing–I didn’t know they would be back through the whole song.  I don’t even like drugs.  The scream-yelled “I love to get you high” part was awkward.  It’s a song from my youth that means a lot to me.  A good friend who I really needed put it on a mix for me, when we were teenagers.

I explained nothing to my friend, assuming he understood that extreme times call for extreme measures.  I only had one mom, and her death was all new.  Yes, I was crazy already.  Fine time to go a bit crazier.  Also, the spouse of our friend is someone who loves dance, so I thought probably he’s used to people being people, this way.

Yes, took me a while, but I think I’m pretty good at being a person lately.


Much like information wants to be free, energy wants to be free.  I will disperse it as I can.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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