Dangerous Compassions



“Yeah, I figured I might as well go full geek and install Linux on it,” I told Ming.  We were in the driveway–I was eating my lunch of rice, beans, and zucchini with garlic.  “Wow, I never said that sentence before,” I added.

The other day when I fixed my broken websites, I thought maybe it was comprehensible, and I could try my hand at web design.  Somehow I started to grasp things that had never made sense to me before.

My good friend Ariel told me about some free web design courses she’s taking, and another good friend is going to mail back to me an old Windows machine I gave her years ago.  Normally I use chromebooks, so it’s kind of exciting, to get a non-chromebook that I could do something different with.


“Why would you install Linux on it?” Ming asked.

“Because it’s open source, it’s powerful, and it’s free!” I said.  “Oh yeah, I forgot the biggest reason–because then I wouldn’t have to deal with Windows.  Yuck!!!” I said.  I shivered.

“I never installed Linux on anything,” Ming said.

“Yeah, of course you haven’t,” I said.  “You’re a Mac person!  You Mac people want your honey spoonfed to you on a little golden spoon.”

Ming laughed heartily.  Nothing amuses him like hearing me aptly make fun of him.  “Windows people are probably eating regular food out of a spoon like this, but slightly rusty.”  I held up the spoon I was eating with.  “Linux people, I don’t really know…  Maybe eating off a fork.”


Unrelatedly, I made this atc of a mushroom the other day while I was talking to my good friend on the phone.  I painted the background a few days ago and pondered what to draw on it.  Mushroom seemed an obvious choice.


It’s craft paint, sharpie, and ballpoint pen on reclaimed product packaging cardstock.  Thank you for caring about what I make.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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