Dangerous Compassions

community garden

I went to the emergency room the other day, which is a long story I will not tell.  Always nice to leave on foot, as a living person!  To celebrate my survival, Ming and I went for a walk.  I didn’t want to call it a walk, because that sounds like a big deal.  But we were out for almost an hour.  We walked to the community garden and had fun there.

community garden

We took this cute selfie.  Will  you still love me, when my hair is all gray?

Ming photographed me wearing pants, a rarity.  I was only wearing pants because I’ve been to that ER before, and it’s cold there.

community garden

Hmm, can’t really tell I’m wearing pants, huh.  Good try, sweetheart.

Our garden plot has a lot of sprout babies right now.  I hope they grow!

sprout babies

A community garden is a charming place to do life in several ways.  Plant ways–people ways.  The seeds you plant might grow–some mushrooms you didn’t plant might grow also.  Birds will arrive you did not invite but welcome.

We checked the big tree for figs.  I picked some delicious ones.  Ming stood on a garden bed edge, and I held onto him so he wouldn’t fall, as he reached a high one.  I meant to eat one or two of them, but I ate all of them.  This fig skin is evidence.

fig skin

“Eat it like you stole it!” was the sentence that came to mind.

“I woke up in the universe where I’m alive,” I told Ming when I got up.  “Always a good universe to wake up in.”  We’re always grateful to wake up.  Life is a miracle.


Lately Ming has been so helpful to me.  I told him his crown in heaven will be so big, all rubies–so huge like an upsidedown chandelier.  He’ll be walking around heaven and everyone will think–wow, what did that guy do?  Mother Teresa and the pope would be seeing Ming but they only have two little jewels in their crowns.

Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin would look at Ming’s crown and be like, “Whaaaat?”  That was the funny part of the story.  Their mystified, “Whaaaat?” sound.  I said their crowns would be bottlecaps.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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