Dangerous Compassions


I made this poetry meme–it features a micropoem I wrote about the despair I felt when my websites were recently down.  Some changes happened behind the curtain.


Well, I hope it’s fixed now.  My websites are an important part of my life’s work.  I try to serve the world through them.  I was very out of sorts when they weren’t functioning.

Thank you to good friends who’ve listened to my confusion-struggle.  To Ming who’s accepted a lot of tears on his shoulders and back as I cry on him, mostly as he sleeps.  And thank you to a specific friend far away who helped me learn about SSL certificates today.

Glad for the kind people who do love–not just a veneer of love, but genuine authentic connection and work for mutual well-being.  I appreciate you.

zine event

Ming went to a queer bar and tabled my zines a few nights ago at an event.  I really wanted to perform, which would have been my first time rapping in public.  But I was worn down by medical stuff all last week.  I needed my energy for myself.

Ming enjoyed his time at the bar, and he met other brilliant artists.  He talked to people about the Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective.  He’s so much more social than I am; I’m grateful for who he is, especially how he’s different from me.

He came home smelling of cigarette smoke.  He’d received a coupon for a free drink from the bar, but he never redeemed it for a cocacola.  I’m grateful he’s willing to do so much to support me in my work and my vision.  I love you, sweetheart.

The table looked good too.  Thank you for putting the lights and the earth flag table cloth and using some bookends to get a few zines vertical for visual appeal.

zine table

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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