Dangerous Compassions

flower mural

A friend came to visit me and comfort me.  They recognized that my therapist dying is a big deal.  We went for a walk to this new flower mural at the school across the street that I’ve been wanting to visit.

flower mural

It’s always a good sign when a friend helps me to do things I’ve been wanting to do.  Isn’t the flower mural gorgeous?  The almost psychedelic colors thrill me.  It must be the same artist as some other murals near the site of the Moulin Rouge.

We had good conversation.  My friend needed to return something at our favorite independent bookstore Writer’s Block, so we went downtown.  I sat outside embroidering.  I put a fire in the scoop of my excavator tractor.  Wow, I thought I could not like that tractor more!


Ming got a leek parmesan croissant at the cafe that I tasted a bite of–so delicious!


Que lindx!  This pic you can see his adorable underbite.  Aw.


I finished the purple on black patch I was working on for a long time.  I’d run out of that dark purple.  Ming bought me some, and I was so happy to finally finish, I asked Ming to take my picture outside.


The last light of the day was shining.  It was hard for him to get the patch to look good in that light, but he was patient and did great.  Thank you for your help, sweetheart.

flower mural

I want to go back to the flower mural and visit at other times of day, to see how it looks when the light is different.  I want to go as my regular curious self, but also as an artist, to learn the ways, in case I ever make a big mural like that one day.  Yes, I’d like to paint my own flower mural!

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