Dangerous Compassions

roasting chiles

When Ming and I were at winco recently, I saw some pretty chiles, so we bought two, and I roasted them.  Roasting chiles is the best smell in the world.  I wish I could give you that smell, reader.  Instead I can give you pictures.

roasting chiles

Smells like home, good times with my mom.  The smell makes me feel close to my mom and miss her unbearably at the same time.  Delicious breakfast is consolation.

I made this video too, just a few seconds.  Was fun–Ming helped me!  Thank you, sweetheart.

roasting chiles

Then I washed off the char, took out the seeds and threw them in the garden, and chopped the chiles up.


Then I fried them in olive oil, and added eggs, then cheese at the end.  And I made burritos.  They were good.  It was a whole experience.



I’d like to show you this picture of Ming.  It’s a cool view of him.  I love this shirt–I bought it for him on etsy.


Is he the most beautiful person in the world, or am I just in love?  How about both.

dawn walk

On a dawn walk, I thought this photo I took looked like asemic writing.  What do you think?  The ball is part of it.  I think it’s amazing.

asemic writing

Ming photographed me with this sign.  I was feeling creative, playful, and a little too up.  I crashed a couple hours later.

me with sign

No trespassing always makes me think of hair.  Like the “tres” is about tresses, so you can go there if you don’t have hair.  Or you just can’t leave hair there.  Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s how I think.

The pink of the morning was very good.  I took this weird pic of the burnt up car that’s still sitting in the vacant lot, with a pipe that’s part of a fence, and the pink sky.  I’m pretending the pipe is a periscope.  This pic is evidence of the weird mentality I had.  Yes, crazy artists is a thing for a reason.



Roasting chiles is a wholesome activity that helps me feel alive and connected to my mom and other ancestors.  Dawn walks are good for my health in more than one way.  Ming helps me have a safe life to have fun in.  Praise Mother God for all that.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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