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unconditionally valid

Good morning–I made this new art I thought you might like.  I like my style.  Unconditionally Valid is craft paint and sharpie on product packaging card stock.

unconditionally valid

The craft paint was separated, and it didn’t soak into the card stock very well, but I like that effect, actually!  There are two humpback whales depicted, and a lot of roses.  Text on the top says Unconditionally Valid.  The colors are purples.

Somehow sharpie and craft paint on product packaging card stock makes a lot of sense to me.  It suits me for now.  The card stock feels better to work with than regular thin paper, and because it was just trash, I’m not using more resources.

I guess the art teacher who got into my head, who made me feel like a waste of paper–I can thwart his discouragement by using paper that I didn’t buy.  It was trash anyway.  Might as well make some marks on it.

Sharpies are common, and I have an ok amount of control.  Wobbley lines are good with me.  The rough look is nice.  I’m an outsider artist–perfection is not my goal.

The craft paint I can make a field of color that’s texturey and better than just one solid color, to make a landing place for the art I’m trying to pull from the other side.  Pulling my art here from the other side always works better when it’s not a blank place for it to land.  Having something already there helps me.


I’m proud of this tractor I embroidered also, as part of the November Friendship Art-along.


I got a thrill–it was my first time embroidering a tractor.  It’s an excavator, my favorite type of tractor, I must admit.  This pic shows some other items also.  The tractor runs on headless butterfly and blue mushroom so far, as opposed to tank tread.  A bee might help also later.

I’m proud of that mushroom too.  It was my first time embroidering a mushroom also.  Pale blue mushrooms are my favorite.

I see a future for myself of embroidering tractors.  Yes, so good.  This one is cartoonish, but I hope with a lot of practice, I can make more precise tractors: orange ones, blue ones, little and big ones.  Excavators, backhoes, steam rollers, more farm ones maybe.  I think of urban tractors lovingly, and then rural tractors are kind of separate.

As for mushrooms, tons of people like those.  Maybe I could get rich embroidering mushrooms for the twee millennials who like pokemon ironically and live on avocado toast.  Put a mushroom on it!

Just kidding.  I’m not getting rich.  But I do see a vision of embroidering a lot of tractors.  After embroidering this one, I wanted to drop everything and run away to the forest where I could live in a hermit hut and embroider tractors for the rest of my days.

Ming would be invited to hermit with me, of course.  But he needs social way more than I do.  So he would need to visit town a lot.  My hut would need to be near town.

tractor porn

Isn’t this tractor gorgeous?  I took this pic on an evening walk the other day.

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