Dangerous Compassions

what I’ve learned about food

“What do you think is in this pot?” I asked Ming.

“Potatoes,” he said.

“Yeah!  How did you know?”

I’d boiled four potatoes while he was sleeping.  Lately I’ve learned a few things about food I would like to tell you.

potato boiling

One is–I give up.  I will boil my potatoes before I fry them, like a normal person, now.  I used to just fry and fry them.  Covering them so they could steam for a while was helpful.

Now it seems way better to boil them first.  I relent; I’ll be a regular potato person now.

microplaning garlic

I used to mince raw garlic to put on my food.  One day I was eating a sweet potato topped with tahini, salt, and raw garlic minced.  Strangely, I had a bad reaction.  I think it was too much raw garlic at once–I got overwhelmed and gagged.

It was sad, to lose that love of raw garlic, as I became nervous about overdoing it again.  So I stopped eating raw garlic for some months.  Well, I still ate it in pesto.  But not on its own.

Then I decided if I microplaned garlic, the garlic bits would be so tiny, my body would not object.  I was right!  Yay!  Good garlic times are here again!

I like to microplane a clove of raw garlic into a bowl of rice, before topping the rice with some delicious veg or whatever I’m dishing onto it.  I stir it well.  The heat of the rice might cook the garlic a bit.  The spiciness is delicious, and I think there’s a medicine to it.

microplaning carrots

I like to microplane a carrot also, in my rice sometimes, or on a salad.  If I do the carrot after the garlic, that helps push the shredded garlic all into my bowl.  Yum yum.  Thank you, pretty carrot.  Orange is my favorite color.

microplaning apples

I tried microplaning an apple for my salad, but it was too wet and turned to mush.  So I realized that might be a good way to make raw applesauce.  Sometimes I’ve needed applesauce like for a recipe, especially vegan baking.  But I didn’t have applesauce, but I had apples.  So yeah.  Maybe that would work.

brussels sprouts

My brussels sprouts are fuckin’ beautiful.

food lately

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