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dia de los muertos

Happy dia de los muertos.  Ming was helping with a friend’s ofrendas, as you know.  And then I had the idea–what if I made an ofrenda?  Just a little one, with some of my art, and pics of my peeps?

I was so excited, but then I was having a health issue and thought I couldn’t do it.  But we gathered the art, Ming took it to our beloved printers, and they copied everything on cardstock.

And then we did it.  We set up a demo in the peaceful cat courtyard, so Ming could photograph it, then recreate it at the Dia de los Muertos fest at Freedom Park.

dia de los muertos

It was some work, preparing for wind.  Ming taped the art to the bookends.  He packed everything into a box and brought it over, set it up there skillfully.  I asked him to peel back part of the husk to reveal kernels of the colorful corn.


You may notice a lot of bunnies, snakes, colors I favor.  I was so happy, I cried.  Felt like my first art show, but better.  Way more meaningful.  My heart is with this: honoring the dead, art, family, recognizing the impermanence of life.  Facing reality with humor and tequila.

Well, I’ve never even tried tequila.  Ming and I don’t drink.  I’d rather use ecstatic dance, dawn walks, art making, delicious foods, sleep, nature, and pleasure to heal.  I’ve heard some people use alcohol and other street drugs in a happy, reasonable way.  Not sure I’ve ever seen that.


I asked Ming to say a prayer when he lit the candles, and give a little water to the two plants.  There’s a tiny aloe all the way on the right, a small kalanchoe on the left growing out of the skull.

This ofrenda is about people dying in the desert as they cross the border.  Wow–heart breaking.  Those orange lines in the grass made of flower petals are amazing.  I asked Ming if it was made by No More Deaths, and he didn’t know.

dia de los muertos

Here it is at night.  There was a sign for a church.



My friend Ariel took me there for the second day.  Some UU friends met us.  How lucky we are, to have such kind friends.

dia de los muertos



This night pic is my favorite.


This one of me with the lit palo santo when I was praying is nice too.  Thank you to Ming for pics and so much kind, patient help.





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This year’s event at Freedom Park was way more fun and beautiful than the events of previous years at the Winchester Cultural Center.

I appreciated the non government agency of the Freedom Park event over the government sponsored event at Winchester. I apparently trust Temo and Marco over Las Vegas government.

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