Dangerous Compassions

Pabco trail

Oh hey, we went to this place called Pabco trail.  Looks at this cute pic of Ming!  So GQ!


I smile and smile, though he was not smiling at that moment.  Professor Ming!  I put my scarf on him.  Pretty water too, huh.  And those fluffy-flowered plants.  They look like pampas grass, but I don’t think they are.

Personhole covers always thrill me.  This one was so pretty, sort of surprising outside of an urban environment.  I love circles.  I like my feet with it.

personhole cover

We walked around, and I saw these tipped over portapotties.  Wow, tipped portapotties were a fear of mine.

Pabco trail

I thought it was wind, as there had been wind the night before, but Ming said vandals.  He noted the portapotties were not toppled the same direction.  “Why would someone want to do that?” I asked Ming.  I felt confused.

He said it was just for fun; maybe the vandals have extra energy and like to do chaos.  Not like they were mad at portapotties.

Yeah, I can see the novelty.  On the Sacred Peace Walk, a truck tows a portapotty for the walkers, and I’ve always been afraid of it toppling.  Yeah, I have a little portapotty trauma.  There are really old ones at the goddess temple, and I’m always afraid of putting my foot through the ancient plastic.  “Will today be the day?” I ask.

it’s a sign

Isn’t this sign pretty?  Ah, I love me a good illegible, shot up, tagged sign.

pabco trail

I wanted to show you this pole too.  Was it hacked here, or was the tree hacked in the forest?  Ming had some ideas.


We saw a lot of this bur plant.  I like the excessive amount of burs.

pabco trail

Las Vegas never stops surprising me.  We’ve lived here six and a half years, and there are still so many places to find.  Pabco trail is beautiful.  Love to this beautiful desert and the great blessing of knowing happiness here.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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