Dangerous Compassions


Oh hey, we stopped by the goddess temple and ran into a friend.  We talked to her and her dogs.  Then we continued northwest on the 95 to Mercury and visited the culvert tunnels.

These tunnels for a long time have been a special place for art by activists.  I like to go there and see the messages left by others.  I must admit it’s a good place to pray.  The acoustics are weird and echo-y.  It’s full of history.

There used to be a big art there saying it was the gates of hell.  Yes, the test site is right there, one of the most bombed places on earth.  I see their point.  But someone didn’t like that and painted it over.

This is the entrance now, from Peace Camp side.


I wanted to show you this picture of me with a sun-faced angel.


This is another kind of angel I’m sure you’ll recognize!  The super-cute sleepy angel Ming.  Yes, love rules.


no nukes

What would you say, if you were to say something in these tunnels?  No nukes is always an option.

no nukes

I swear I didn’t make this Big Grlz one!  It’s up high on the wall–I wouldn’t be able to reach there even if I wanted to.  Some people must bring a chair.


Love notes are a charming possibility, graffiti commitment.

love note

This red peace is pretty.


This list of the dead must be fresh, as Sister Megan is not long gone.


Then we went back to the goddess temple to see our friend again.  She had just baked muffins–delicious.  Blessed are the peacemakers.

I met someone new, and we crashed a zoom meeting.  I checked in, though I didn’t know what the meeting was for–I knew a couple people on it.  Felt good to thank them for the temple and blow kisses to strangers.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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