Dangerous Compassions

I am not brave

There’s this amazing music I’ve been listening to lately.  It’s by Rural Internet–the album is called escape room.  My favorite song is “I am not brave.”  I’m only three songs deep into the album, but I keep listening to them over and over, these past few weeks.

I played them for Ming as we drove to the goddess temple the other day.  He liked them.  He can get really disturbed, hearing about death in music.  But he has a language learning disability, and it’s difficult for him to understand words in songs.

I was worried about him with the first song, “I am not brave,” but hoped he couldn’t understand.  Wow.  I know how it feels, to see death all around, and some panic related to addiction.  There’s the sublime soaring moments mixed in with the terror moments.  Yes, they do that so well.

I am not brave

I never heard anything like this: please do yourself a favor and listen to “I am not brave,” if you feel strong.  There’s a long cinematic horns and strings intro at the beginning–it’s the first song of the album.  I feel like it’s trying to heal me before we get to the scary part.

i am not brave

There’s stimulating hiphop sounds, such clean exiting production, and then what I like best about indie, like Sufjan Stevens style indie-ness layered there also.  I’ll think I understand what’s going on, and then it will switch to something very strange in a great way.  I have emotional reactions; it takes me to some deep places.

The bandcamp bio says they’re a three member band, and I’ve been listening to hear the people: I’d heard three or four.  This album has guests also, so that makes sense.


These are the last five albums I paid for on bandcamp.  Dudes are over-represented.  But otherwise, I believe in this music so much.  Yes, I adore it.  Thank you to the artists for nourishing my soul.


I’m so nourished by hiphop and rap lately, and I feel extremely grateful to the friend who listened to Digable Planets with me, when I was a teenager in the ’90s.  My mind learned things to prepare me to hear skillfully what I hear now.  I listened to this album a bazillion times, when I was a kid.

And then the Beastie Boys–I heard some of them quite a lot.  I learned about fun, and some ways music can work.  Three people taking turns with verses, unified for a chorus.

Grateful to the friend who loved Parliament Funkadelic, so I got that in my head also.  I would not be the same person, not knowing Chocolate City or hearing, “Alright!  Starchild!”  I’m very lucky that became part of me.

Oh my god, I never saw this before.  This manifestation of the Mothership is amazing.  Yeah!!!!   From the year I was born.  I can see how I emerged from this era.

Wow–funk is its own reward, indeed.

I don’t need to do any drugs–they did enough for me.  They’ve been to the other side and come back again, to share their message.  I just wish the powerful women’s voices were included also.  So much dudeness.  I had to shut it off at the song about a woman being bad–seemed like her only badness was being sexy.  Sorry, that’s not bad.

 affirmation card

I’ve been making more affirmation cards.  This one’s pretty cute.

affirmation card

I like to take an advert and do something new with it.  The flower frame is so good–it was an advert for a garden place.

Happy to chew up capitalism and spit out a new thing that can heal the wounds of a culture obsessed with getting money at everyone’s expense.  Love to your work healing the pain of what’s been done to you.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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