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my body

“There must be something normal about my body.  I just gotta find what it is,” I told Ming.  I was laughing.

“I’m a pretty normal height,” I said.  “I really like my height!”  Ponder ponder ponder.  “My eyes!  Brown is a normal eye color, right?”  Ponder ponder.

I considered my fingernails.  Nope, they are strangely hard.  My fatness?  A bit extreme.  My feet?  Extra wide and so calloused, to the point of harming sheets.  My mind?  You know I’m super-crazy.  My gait?  I walk slow.  My hands?  Rings need to be huge.  My hair?  Brown is common, but it was straight when I was a kid, and it turned curly later.  That’s kinda weird.


It’s the season of Samhain, Day of the Dead, thin veil, and I’m happy for that.  Halloween is ever confusing to me, as I don’t know how to be appropriately inappropriate.

It’s good I can honor my mama at this time.  I’m through the first year, onto the second.  By now I’ve accepted she is on the other side.  There was an art event at the UU church led by a friend.  She helped us think about names and make art with crayon, watercolor, and salt.


I made this art of my name.  My name will change again, so this art is an artifact of this time, this possibly brief time of having this name.

my body

A kid gave us special corn.  His family had harvested it from a special place in California.  We can let it dry out for three weeks then make popcorn out of it.  I was honored to receive this gift!

I made art of my mom’s name also, with some extra family names added in.  Probably I want to do more with this, on the edges, so I will show you better another time.


Grateful always to mama for forming my body and teaching me how to love.  And to Ming for being my family nowadays, patiently doing photo shoots with art and corn.  I love you.

This was the group at the UU church.

uu group

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