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disabled eating

Oh hey, how are you doing?  I made a cookzine while back about disabled eating.  It was called Please Pass the Plants 2: disabled eating.  Did you ever read it?  Let me know if you need a copy!

I made this dal recently that was a great example of disabled eating, how I did it in stages.  Let me tell you about it.


The tiny beans are like mung beans but black instead of green.  Maybe like urad dal?  Yes, black gram.

I cooked them simply, in water with salt.  Then when they were done, I added pepper, a little Ethiopian spices, and a can of coconut milk.  Some garlic maybe.  They were ok, nourishing.

I ate some and served some to people here.  Then I froze some.

The cool disabled eating part is that I took the leftovers out of the freezer and added a lot.  I cooked some onion, garlic, and carrots.  Oh, and a tomato I diced.  The carrots were important to me.  And I added more spices.

Nice veg–then I dumped the frozen tiny beans into the pot.

Yes!  I cooked that and the carrots got soft.  Then to my individual serving, I added olive oil.  That decadent oiliness was very nice.  The coconut milk is already tasty fat, but the olive oil was great too.


Wow, the beans were heavenly.  The carrots nourished me, but the tomato really helped.  It was just one tomato, but I think the acid in it did the trick.

So yeah, I recommend this disabled eating process, of freezing beans and doing something further with the leftovers.  I guess folx have been doing stuff like that for a long time, repurposing leftovers.  But usually it hasn’t gone so well for me.  This time, it was hella good.

tahini sauce

Speaking of acid, I made a different kind of tahini sauce that the one I mentioned to you before.  I think the lemon juice really helps, that lively acid.  The difference is I used more tahini, added pecans, and basil instead of rosemary.

So it was two garlic cloves, salt, fresh basil, pecans, half cup tahini, water, juice of one small lemon.  Yes, amazing.  So vivid like the top of my head would blow off with joy.  In a fun way.

I made zucchini in enchilada sauce over rice, which was good but kind of boring.  So I added some of the tahini sauce, and it was very enhancing.  That brightness is lovely.

The other day I made some split pea soup with carrots and froze the leftovers with some rice.  They were yummy but a little boring.  So I poured leftover tahini sauce on them.  Yay, much tastier.  The creamy, salty, nutty, herby is the best.



Ming and I went to sushi the other day, and I tried some of Ming’s udon.  Those thick noodles feel homemade to me.  I believe for a moment that somebody must really love me, some Japanese grandma I never had.

disabled eating

Thanks, Grandma.

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