Dangerous Compassions

no fun land

“Well, that was a lil foray into No Fun Land,” I told Ming.

He’d been worried my old stomach ulcer was cancer.  He heard this lecture, maybe a CEU for his nursing license, about ulcers–it freaked him out for my well-being.  Poor sweetheart.  I comforted him with multiple facts:

My iron level is great, so I don’t think my ulcer is still bleeding–I think it’s healed.  When they did the second endoscopy, they looked for cancer and for h. pylori, but they didn’t find either.  Looks like 2% of peptic ulcers have cancer.  I read papers and found risks.  I think I’m good.

“Tell me something you want me to do about it!” I told Ming.  “If you want me to do a certain thing, just tell me and I’ll do it.  Right now I’m choosing to exercise every day, eat foods with antioxidants, avoid foods that hurt my stomach, and keep going to the doctor, so they might see if something’s wrong on a blood test.  I’m doing good!  Tell me something to do, not just scare the shit outta me!”  I listed some antioxidant foods for him.

Like nuts.  Nuts are so amazing, the seeds of trees I can crunch so happily.  I can pretend I’m eating a huge gorgeous tree, imagining the tree that could have been, in small form in my tummy.  And that’s nutritious.  Feels great to be an animal.

Blueberries are classic antioxidant food.  Yes, I will chow down on blueberries.  Lots of plant foods.

Our time in No Fun Land was brief.  Looking at health stuff on the internet is a sure way to kerfuffle me.   Seriously–medical squick, always.


I finally cut down the stems of these sunflowers.  Felt good to do that.  Goodbye to summer!

sunflower stems

And I ripped out a huge weed.  I think it might have been a tumbleweed growing, russian thistle?


Don’t ever say I never pulled nothing out of the ground.  Ming let me use his driving gloves, which are no longer driving gloves.

This adorable little something is blooming, maybe a cucumber?


This pretty pepper plant had its fall bloom and is making cute peppers for us!


Ming and I went for a longer walk than usual in the cool morning air of new fall.  I asked him to take a picture of me in the dawn light.  I felt like a sun goddess!  Maybe I was.  I love you.

sun goddess

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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