Dangerous Compassions


Oh hey, gmorning.  Could I show you some pictures?  These clouds amazed me the other day, in the early morning.


Then here’s another sky pic.  What do you think of these clouds?  Stormy!  So pretty!  That sunny part seemed like a magical light place, a portal to a bright world I could dream about.


Then a rainbow pic.  We were driving to Gilcrease Orchard and driving toward this rainbow almost the entire time!


Can you see the rainbow bit?  It’s in the middle of all those clouds.


At the orchard we took selfies as our friend was on the phone with her kid.  We were giving her space.  It was fun to arrive in a shitty mood, hug our friend, converse and eat delicious apple cider donuts, and feel way better by the time we left.

“Glad I didn’t jump out the window this morning,” I said.  Yes, it’s easy to hurt, and it’s also easy to get filled with hope.


Then I was honored with a birthday lunch.  We were up in the prayer room of the Catholic Worker, which is one of my favorite places in the world.  It was great to be there–it had been a while.  And to eat tasty food made with love.


I also enjoyed being prayed for, and it was a fun treat to have my birthday carry over into October.  Usually it’s just September!


I made some art for a new zine.  Today I will finish laying it out and maybe copy it.  Fall is amazing.  I can do stuff at many times of day.  Wonderful, the freedom, to go out whenever I want to.  Not cooped up from desert oven heat.

bbq food

There was chicken that our houseguest marinated for BBQ, and I marinated carrots and sweet potatoes, then ended up cooking them in the oven.  They were tasty!  I’ve not been much of a marinater in my life time, as I’ve never BBQed in my life.

We cooked the marinated chicken in the oven.  And the veg too.  Ming boiled the corn briefly.  I put some butter on it.  We packaged it up for the elders here–they appreciated it.

Here’s my plate with carrots and sweet potatoes.  Looks humble but tasted great!


Later H asked how we got the carrots to taste so good.  He asked if there was honey.  I wrote down the ingredients of the marinade for him.

olive oil

apple cider vinegar


Ethiopian spices berbere


fresh garlic minced

Then our community member teased Ming, “Oh, she’s not going to tell her secret.”

I guess the secret is carrots are always sweet.  Maybe his mouth needed to re-learn the goodness of carrots.

old album

Unrelatedly, one of my favorite bands is Innocence Mission.  I’ve loved them for more than 20 years.  They are a Catholic band of deep earnestness and blissful subtle euphoric beauty.

I knew they had a first album I’d never heard–thought I never would.  But I was listening to some of their recent music this morning, and guess what.  Youtube started playing me this old album, from the 1980s.  Tending the Rose Garden.

Wow!  Probably you would not like it, reader friend.  But for me, it’s an amazing treasure.  Going back to the alpha.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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