Dangerous Compassions

heart protector

Oh hey.  I have this friend who lives in Tucson and was talking about calcium tea.  I was intrigued and went to the Tucson Herb Shop website.  True I need more calcium in my life, but mostly it sounded tasty.  And I got some heart protector spray.

Wow, they have amazing things!  I wish I could go to this place.  I have it very special in my mind, and what a sweet aesthetic.  And I did order some herbs for tea, cute stickers, and the heart protector spray sounded like a great idea.

heart protector

That pic is from their website with creosote behind it.

Opening my heart chakra I would think is the least of my problems.  Love is my whole deal–why would I need help with that?  Sounds like throwing fire at the sun.  Yeah, you could do it, but there’s no good reason.

But protection sounds divine.  Yes, please Mother God, protect my heart.  I overdid it, holmes.

heart anxiety

Somehow I got the idea that the heart protector spray can protect the physical heart, not just the emotional / spiritual heart.  I think there was a blog post about it on the site.  I have anxiety about the well-being of my physical heart, since my dad had his first cardiac arrest at a young age.

He had an issue with his blood that I was tested for one time–I thought it was a mutation.  Later I learned it’s not a mutation, not a yes you have it or no you don’t.

What’s safe?  There is no safe.  But I can work on it.

Today I’m at my friend’s house, taking a rest.  I brought embroidery, my laptop to blog on, and my heart protector spray.

heart protector spray

Heart protector spray helps me remember my intention to love sustainably.  Its delicious smell helps me.  I hide out, gather my strength, rest, and heal.  I want to make new art I never knew I could make.  Please join me in a prayer for long term well-being.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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