Dangerous Compassions

big day

We had a big day.  A house guest came suddenly.  We prepared the guest room.  These rocks were left by a friend who lived here last year for three months, resting after a partnership that ended.

earth materials

I put this paper rose on top of a small stack of books and art.


And I put fruit and flowers.  I never photographed the flowers.  But fruit and flowers are classic offerings to God, which is how I see the visitor who is here.  So it makes sense, I would need to provide those things.



The big day, we went out to Shut Down Creech for their sunrise vigil at the air force base.

big day

We talked to a lot of amazing activists, many who Ming and I know for years.  So it was fun to introduce our friend to them, and he had never vigiled at an air force base before.  He has no problem with the idea of loving one another, seeing someone as a whole person with complex history and needs, and showing up with kindness motivating us.  All that is very important to me.

My friend is a person who carries little speakers.  He had a small speaker and played music for us, so we danced by the roadside as many air force base workers drove in.  It was fun to dance with him, and do a dance ministry.  Dance is one of my favorite ways to put love into the world.

Also dancing feels like the antidote to conversation.  Conversation can feel very intellectual, and dance grounds me.  I feel healed, from too much work in my head.

When we had circle after the vigil, I was asked to lead us in song.  It felt great to be honored and seen.  We sang Like a tree planted by the water.

goddess temple

Then we took my friend to see the goddess temple, which has done so much good in my life.  It was great to show our friend that gorgeous place.

Ming and friend went to breakfast with the protesters, and I sang in the temple and prayed.  My ankles were a little swelled, so lay on cushions on the floor in the temple and elevated my legs.  Then I was crying missing my mom, sorry she never saw that temple or related to certain parts of me.

I was thinking how loss is good because it meant I had something.  My mom’s love was a blessings, and it’s great that I had that blessings.  So the loss has a sweetness.


Then we went to the tunnels to see the historic graffiti.  It was fun to show our friend this place that means a lot to me also.  These places are sacred to me.



big day

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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