Dangerous Compassions

dinner fantasy

“Please tell me your dinner fantasy,” I told Ming.

“Ok, dinner fantasy.  So there’s this table.  And Bunny is at one end of it.  He has a napkin tucked around his neck.  And then there’s you, at the other end of the table, with a fork…”

“Where’s you!?” I asked.

“At the other end of the table…”

“Wait, how many ends does this table have?” I asked.  We were lying in bed, laughing.

“It’s a good table,” he said.

“I wanna be by you!” I said.  “Well, this is the important question: what are we eating?”


“Carrots,” Ming said.

Then I was laughing harder than ever.  “Oh, my God–really?  Carrots?  Because Bunny, right?”

“Yeah,” Ming said.

“That is so us.  That just typifies us,” I said.  “Suddenly I understand our whole relationship.  You and I are too similar in a way–both people who wanna love, help, be useful, give.  And then we end up just living on carrots, because the other person needs carrots!”

“Hmm, yeah–maybe,” Ming said.

“Yeah!” I said.  “We give and give, until we die, because someone else needs something!”

“No, we don’t give till we die,” Ming said.

“Ok, well I do,” I said.

“Yeah, maybe I see what you mean,” he said.

“Not anymore, I hope.  But I did.  Carrot soup, braised carrots, carrot salad, roasted carrots, candied carrots, carrots au gratin…”

“You’re good at that,” Ming said.

Carrot cake.  Yeah, I used to think I hated carrot soup,” I said.  “I think if I made it, I could do it really good.”  Creamy carrot soup with lots of ginger, for sure.

dinner actually

We ended up going to our favorite snow cone place to celebrate the end of summer.  There’s a Chinese place Golden Phoenix right by there, so we got food there.  Veggie egg foo young, asparagus shrimp, some noodle dish, and a mu shoo also.  How’s that for dinner fantasy?

Then we came home, and H was in the courtyard with his feet up on the table.  “You got mail,” he said.

And wow, I did have mail.  To be sure.


sky bunny

Speaking of bunnies, thought you might like this art I made.  Sky bunny is craft paint and sharpie on reclaimed postcard.  It’s hard to see the green writing under the yellow, in this pic.

dinner fantasy

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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