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why we pee


Oh hey, how are you doing?  I wanted to tell you.  I figured out why we pee.  It had been bothering me for some time.

I think about lizards–I learned about a lizard in the desert who does not pee.  They poop out poop, but also poop out pee.  Once a week or whatever.  They can’t afford to lose the water, is the idea.  I think the pee is white.

Anyway, seems so annoying, to have to pee.  On a car ride sometimes, if I’m concentrating really hard on what I’m doing, or if I wake up in the night have have to get up to pee.  Well, now I have a good idea.  Are you ready for my theory now, why we pee?

my theory

Well, you know how the heart pumps blood?  The blood can move around all the time and nourish our cells so skillfully, with the nutrients and oxygen they need.  Thanks, hearts!

We have lymph also, this important fluid in our bodies to move around water and unwanted materials.  But the lymph doesn’t have a lymph-heart.  It needs to move around, but it only moves around from our whole selves moving around.

So we have to pee so we will get up to find a place to pee, which helps our lymph move.  Moving lymph moves lymph-waste, which helps us live.

Hmm, what do you think?  Sounds possibly true!  Plausible!


I was having problems with my lymph for quite a long time.  I exercise every day.  But also I sit for long periods of time, writing or making art or whatever.  I was told by a functional medicine person about the lymph not having a pump.  And I have the autism, so I want to stim a lot, but I was told as a kid over and over again to sit still.

Now I let myself stim a lot more.  Kind of like crying–I used to try not to cry, every time I felt the need to cry come up.  Now I gladly welcome my tears, as I learned the more I cry, the less anxiety I feel.  Yep, feel the grief and pain now, or lose it later with panic, anxiety, terror, fear.

I wanna stim extra, to help the lymph move, for my health.  And I wanna drink more water, which is nice to be hydrated, but also to pee more, so I’m forced to get out of bed from lying there crying or looking at instagram or whatever, so my lymph can move.

What do you think?  Please study this, peer review the studies, and give me some kind of science award for figuring shit out.  Or pee out.  Thank you.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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