Dangerous Compassions

pumpkin smoothie

“Are you skeeved out by a pumpkin smoothie?” I asked Ming.

“No,” he said.

“Ok!  You wanna try my pumpkin smoothie?  It’s hella good.”

“Wow!” he said.

“Tastes like pumpkin pie, huh?” I asked.

“Tastes better than pumpkin pie!” he said.

“Yeah!  Like pumpkin pie but without the pesky crust,” I said.

pumpkin smoothie

It was the vegan pumpkin smoothie from Smoothie King.  I get the small which is too big.

I’m in favor of elixir size.  Yes, I would like a thimbleful.  My preference is to pretend I’m a fairy.


I made this art about success, disability, self-love, and what the world really needs.  Pink and yellow is a thrilling combination for me.

define success

define success in a way that includes you
craft paint and sharpie
on reclaimed product packaging cardstock
by Laura-Marie River Victor Peace Nopales
September 2021
I hear people worried about new diagnoses, productivity, adulting, and a quest for normal.  My main advice to these people is–normal is killing our planet and our happiness.  Please make a better choice. 
Disability, difference, and unusual abilities and skills are valid.  I define success in a way that includes me and hope you do too!
Yep, normal is killing us.  Love to the people doing something different.
park day

We went to a UU church park day, and we showed up right as it was supposed to be ending.  Ming brought our hackysack ball and we played catch.

My friend said she didn’t see adults playing catch.  I guess I never noticed.  I think catch is fun.  But maybe it’s because I’m clumsy.  Ming told me adults are not supposed to need to work on hand-eye coordination.  Well, autism ftw.

I’m also partly faceblind.  Someone was talking to me like we were friends, and I had no idea who she was.  I could tell she was probably a white lady somewhat older than me.  I tried to identify her accent…  Her hair wasn’t helping me.  Usually it’s hair and voice, that help me know who someone is.

It felt embarrassing.  I tried to be open and kind and validating, as you know I usually am to all people.  Later I figured out who she was, but I had some bewildered moments.

I know who those people are.  They are people who I super-love.


This person I also know quite well.  I call this photo The Lovers: Tree Buddies.  We commandeered those carrots because they were left behind.

the lovers

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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