Dangerous Compassions

September prayer requests

Hey, here are my September prayer requests, if you would like to pray along.  Thank you for your love and any prayer you can spare.

These requests are pretty similar to last month’s.  I’m still looking for new ways to ask for help, that work for me, and don’t just stress me more.

September prayer requests

to be kind to myself and others with a vibrant, active kindness

to connect with Mother Earth for mutual healing

learn how to ask for help in ways that work to get actual help according to my needs

to feel the love of my ancestors holding me up

for resilience of mind, body, and spirit

for Ming to get what he needs always

to know where we belong and move in that direction

for my writing and other art to reach people who can enjoy it and be nourished by it

to let go of unproductive anger and make good choices for the well-being of all

to bless the soul of my mama wherever it may be and keep our love alive

for letting go of what no longer serves me

to shed unhelpful habits and beliefs

health for my body–joy and comfort in my body

faith in myself and the world to be an ok place to live

pleasure, fun, happiness, a good mix of safety and risk

to see the value and goodness of all people

to stay motivated by love for all

variety, change, learning, movement, progress, for the Life to flow

honesty, clarity, face reality, speak the truth every day

healing, to become more deeply who I am, tender nurturing

sunshine, movement, growth


Not sure I ever showed you this pic of Ming when we snuck into the community garden one street over.  I put it on instagram but don’t think I put it here.


I like the sunrise on his shoulder and the little sprout babies  They remind me of me.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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