Dangerous Compassions



“Can you do me a favor and grow your ears really big so they turn into wings?  And then I can climb on your back, and we could fly around?” I asked Ming.

“Sure,” he said.

We were lying in bed–I was touching his ear and making it flap like a wing.  His ears are beautiful and soft, much more flexible than mine.  My cartilage is rigid.

“How could we make them grow?” I asked.  Maybe we could find out how in a dream.


Speaking of dreams, we made a recording of me speaking about an important dream I had 15 or more years ago.

Here’s some text about it.

The dream seemed like a message from God, the universe, myself, or just my imagination about how civilizations destroy themselves, and we can make a better choice.

My 20s and early 30s were spent doing spiritual practices at the ashram I lived near, including singing, meditation, and gardening almost every day.  I didn’t talk much and was very quiet, resting up after enduring violence.

I believed those were wasted years, but when I think of this special dream and other intense dreams I had, I feel better that I was doing good work at that time, just entirely inner.

Thank you to Ming for holding my phone and staying awake.  And to the friend who advised me to keep my videos under ten minutes.  I agree.

That friend observed that nuclear power has been a big issue in my life.  Yes, too true.  I had that dream long before I knew my peeps were bombed in the Trinity nuclear bomb test in New Mexico.


Also I recorded Innocence Mission’s Happy Birthday for a friend, thought you might like it.  I was siting in Ming’s car in a parking lot, singing it into my phone.  It was fun.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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