Dangerous Compassions


Sometimes people praise me for something I do, and I thank them.  But sometimes I want to say urgently, “I had no choice.  I could do that, or I could die.”

I hear people complain about society not validating their needs and choice, and I’m like, “Why are you still waiting for society to validate you?”  It feels like that.  I had to make my own rules a long time ago, or die.  Feels like the choice was an inevitability.

A good example is learning to eat.  My parents ate in certain ways–lots of meat, carbs, and veg I didn’t like.  Then my society told me to eat fast food….?  Yuck!  Ming trusts food from cans, because of some childhood kitchen trauma.  None of that would work for me.  I had to teach myself how to eat as an adult, and it’s been quite a journey.

You could say I did a good job, and that would be true.  But in a way, I didn’t have a choice.  If I didn’t do that, I would not be here for you to have a conversation with.  I would be dead person ashes, scattered in a bog!

Imagine that.  No Laura-Marie for you to meet.  What a sad lack you might feel, in your life.  Some afternoons you could get an empty feeling and not know why, the feeling that something was missing.   Yes, missing Laura-Marie.  The things you learned from me, unlearned.


On our morning walk, we saw this sad trash scene.


Love balloons and a tamale pot stuffed in the trash.  It told me a story that I didn’t want to hear, sad guttermancy of romance gone wrong.  The tamale pot looked good too.  I would have considered taking it, if not for two tamales pots already in our pantry.

I hate balloons!  They stress me out!  Thank you to everyone who never gives me balloons, which is just about everyone!

Here is my darlingest non-giver of balloons.  Looks like a ufo near his head, but it’s just how the sky was and the light–it was the streetlight light thing, but the arm that leans it over the street can’t be seen.  My poor phone camera was struggling.


Speaking of choice, an org called ipasorg made this simple abortion meme that I enjoy.  They have some cool ideas, meme-ized on instagram.


This one too.  Abortion restrictions affect people of color disproportionately.  The white people are able to sidestep the restrictions much more deftly.


I was laughing in the shower this morning about a fantasy playing in my head about being a great meme artist.  Someone would introduce me: “This is the great memester, Laura-Marie Candyfoot Lionized Ultrasound River Victor Peace Nopales.”

Yes, lotsa name for lotsa lady.  “We have deep respect for her meme-y prowess.”  I would curtsy then start rapping about birthday trash.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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