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headphone blooms

Oh hey, gmorning.  How are you doing?  I made a new art.  It’s called headphone blooms.

headphone blooms

I’m smiling because I love how I put white and pink craft paint over the words of the thank you note, and the blue ink got free and swirled in with the pink.  That was such a joyous surprise.

“She must have used gel ink,” I explained to Ming.  I’ve had letters ruined by water, words destroyed in leaky mailboxes.  So I never use gel ink for writing letters anymore.  But I was overjoyed the pink I put got complexified, by the blue of Mary Catherine of New Hope House.  Even more of a collaboration.

New Hope House

New Hope House is a ministry in Georgia.  They’re near a prison that has a death row.  New Hope House gives housing to friends and relatives of death row inmates, so they can visit their loved one in prison before they’re unjustly killed by the state.

It’s quite a lot, to house and care for these people in their grief, and face the truths of a racist, broken criminal justice system.  I really admire the work, and sometimes I send them zines or a money donation.

Please consider giving support to these amazing folks.  I’m so grateful for what I’ve learned here with Nevada Desert Experience.  Visiting the New Hope House website, I see they also do work to stop the death penalty and to support prisoners directly.

headphone blooms

The pinked note was here on my desk, and I didn’t know what to draw on it.  These headphones were sitting here on my desk too, so beautiful of shapes.  And they’re this cool teal color I used to hate and love now.

I made the silver be my beloved dark pink color, so that was fun to draw.  Then I stared at it a while and decided to draw the blooming of the inner light–the God shining out of my headphones, which give me music and the voices of my friends.  I use these headphones to hear music, but to listen to polos from my friends also.

Thank you for seeing my art headphone blooms and supporting me in my truth.  You help me feel stronger to share who I am, and to share this art I pull from the other side into the world of the living.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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