Dangerous Compassions

thank you

Thank you for being there for me to check in with.  Wow, I’ve been stressed and learning a lot.  Sometimes I think I’ve been learning too much–moderating has never been my skill!

Thank you to Ming for lots of care, understanding, interconnection, and doing life so skillfully with me.  Most couples, one or both might go off to jobs, or they take trips apart.  But Ming and I do disabled interdependence all day and much of the night.

thank you

It’s almost like our relationship is amplified or multiplied.  We have been friends for more than ten years, but in Laura-Marie and Ming years, maybe that’s 70 years!

Thank you to friends who hear me emote, worry, rejoice, plan, remember, decide, connect, realize, and feel all the time.  You are great, to hear all that and tell me your truths also.

Thank you to government for what good you’ve done.  My favorite state is stateless.  There’s no government like no government!  But the post office is cool, libraries, and roads have come in handy many a time.  I’m happy to work toward a world where people don’t need violent cops, a racist justice system to pretend does justice, nuclear bombs, killer drones, etc.  Meanwhile, I will enjoy the good around me, whatever its origins.


Thank you for headphones, ear plugs, and all the things that help me not get overwhelmed by my senses.  Thank you to people who don’t try to push me beyond what I can do.  I have skills, strengths, and brilliances, but not a standard set.  Thank you to everyone who understands that and values me for what I can do, not chiding me for what I can’t do.

Thank you to my own body.  My cells, all that comprises me–the water, the mitochondria of my ancestors, stardust, the flora in my gut, minerals, yeast and bacteria, eggs in my ovaries, atp, valuable dna, junk dna.  Ideas, love, spirit, fears, intense faith.  Every precious pound of fat muscle bone brain liver kidneys heart lungs skin eyes nerves tendon breasts ass, and all that I carry.

desert lady

Thank you to friends who’ve been friends for a long time, going the distance, doing the journey of life with me, stepping together on a path of learning and fun.  I feel bad at friendship and being social, so how did I get blessed by such amazing people who will connect with me?  I think I do part of it wrong, but part of it right.  Thank you for your patience.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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