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making chicken

Hey, I would like to tell you about the latest incident of me and Ming, two non-eaters of birds, making chicken for the elders who live here.  Here’s a picture of the non-beautiful food that hopefully was nourishing for their bodies.

making chicken
chili over egg noodles

I got in my mind the notion that I could get a can of no-beans chili, add a bunch of chicken to it, and the elders might like that.  I’d never done that before.  It would be easy, very fast, and tasty for them.

So Ming found a can of no-beans chili at the Worker pantry and brought that home.  We got another food box from the culinary school.  We thawed then cooked the frozen chicken, and Ming shredded it and froze most of it.

There was a bag of egg noodles in the free box outside on the sidewalk and tomato sauce.  So I cooked the egg noodles and put some olive oil on them.  I put the shredded, cooked chicken in a pot with the can of tomato sauce and can of chili.  I cooked all that for a while, and put the chicken chili over the egg noodles.


It was amazing because the food was almost entirely free.  All told it was a bit of work, with more dishes for Ming to wash and a little toiling at the stove.

“This food was almost totally free to make!” I told Ming, excited.  “All we contributed was the teaspoon of olive oil!”

“The propane too,” he said.  “And the labor.”

“Oh yeah,” I said.  “Did we pay for this propane?”

“I think so,” Ming said.

“I think they’ll like it.”

“Yeah, I think they will,” Ming said.  “Especially with the egg noodles.”

Actually I put salt in the noodle-boiling water.  But the salt came from the Worker also.

other miracle card

I don’t think I showed you the other miracle card which has almost the same words as the whale one, but with a strawberry.


By Laura-Marie

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