Dangerous Compassions


Trying to trust myself that I’m doing good work.  I would rather make art like Miracle that tells my truth and nourishes me, than waste my time running in circles.

I’m disabled and crazy, so let me be disabled and crazy.  What if I spent less time trying to be appropriate and seem ok?  Yes, I am not appropriate.  But I’m learning to draw whales, so maybe you will forgive me.  Maybe we need more whales than appropriateness.


Text blue on blue with a whale drawn on the right:
You’ve endured harm no one should have to endure. You’ve seen and done what no one should have to. Yet you can be kind, smile, hug, make art, love people, give of yourself. that’s why I call you Miracle. You’ve done the impossible, and I’m in awe of you. And thank Mother God for you.

I thought–what if I took my art-work more seriously?  Not sure that makes sense to do.  What would it be like, if I said my art is important or matters?

I don’t need anyone to agree with me, or to change anything in the outside world.  More just an attitude shift.

I do a lot of creating.  Thank you for enjoying what I make.

moon walk

Ming and I went for a 5:30am walk  It was still kinda dark.  The moon was with us.


Ming took is picture of me at the easternmost point of our walk.



I made this necklace years ago but never wore it.  Then I was going through some little things and found it again.


Now I like how it’s light.  The wooden beads are weightless like tiny kittens.  There’s no annoying pendant that I need to contend with.  It’s easy on my sensory issues.

I also have these colorful love letters.  Cute, huh.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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