Dangerous Compassions

good music

“You listen to good music!” Ming said.

“Thank you!” I said.  “There’s a lot of good music around.”  I was hearing this medicine in Spanish.

“Look!  Jaguar!” I said.  “Snake!”  There’s a jaguar on the art for youtube.  Jaguar is special to me, for sure.  I’m nuts about snakes also.

spiritual scientist

I used to check out folk music from the library.  Some music scholar went to small villages and recorded people singing in their kitchens, I’m imagining.  I heard some amazing things.

Part of me wants to be a spiritual scientist and enjoy classifying, cataloging, and hoarding data about these songs.  But someone just put a bunch of folk songs together for people to do drugs to.  That’s cool.  I can enjoy that too.

In a way, there’s no point to me hoarding that info.  Not like I’m going to find the graves of those amazing singers and leave flowers for them.  Or send money to their families.

The good music is the important part.  It’s living and real, even after the singers die.


I made this new patch I think is the prettiest one yet.  Grateful to everyone who supports me in trying new things.  I enjoy learning.



I got this new shirt also, tie dye of a heart.  I bought it on etsy.  It’s very bright and maybe too much?  Maybe it’s time for too much.

new shirt

Here’s Ming wearing his mantis shirt again!  It was cloudy, and little drops of rain fell on me from time to time.


We picked up the gutter dino because it seemed unloved, left in the gutter multiple days.  I removed its string-leash, and we put it with this other dino that we found a year or two ago.  What beautiful sculpture.  I mean toys.


The sky is amazing.  So changing, but amazing is the common thread.


new song

There’s a new song by Beautiful Chorus, “Family Mission Statement.”  It’s such a megadose of positivity, it blows me away!  They speak my language.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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