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ginger fried rice

I learned how to make ginger fried rice lately.  It’s my favorite dish at this Thai place Ming and I like.  I get it with tofu, spicy level 1!  Wow, so much gingerness.  My tummy feels so happy, when I eat that dish.  So warm and loved.

So I was like–maybe it’s not that hard to make.  Yep, I was right.

ginger fried rice

This was cauliflowers, carrot, ginger, garlic, rice, olive oil, salt. Vegan version.

I make is very simple, based on this recipe, but without the chicken. The ginger is the star–nothing fancy required.

herb tahini sauce

Also lately I make this herb tahini sauce.  I had some lemons randomly.  So I made it like: fresh rosemary from our garden, a few tree collard leaves, tahini–around two tablespoons?  The juice of a lemon, a large clove of garlic, salt, a few tablespoons of olive oil, splash of water.  Just blended in a blender.  No cooking necessary!

Wow, that was amazing.  Layers of fresh vivid lively brightness.  I ate some with cooked broccoli.  Then I ate some on a potato.

I just wanted to slurp it down like soup.  It was deeeelicious.  I’m scheming right now–if I made another batch, what could I put it on?

Kinda reminds me of pesto, which you know is a sacred food to me, that I make all the time.  The rosemary instead of basil–tahini instead of pecans.  Garlic, olive oil, salt, water are the same.

chicken geniuses

Bet you didn’t know vegetarians can get good at making chicken.  Recently I learned that chicken you can just make a regular, normal food, and many a time, there comes a moment that you could throw in random chicken, if you have some.

For example, making ginger fried rice today, with the cauliflower and carrot and garlic, I realized–wow, if I had some frozen shredded chicken in the freezer, I could throw it in now toward the end.  I bet those guys in the back house would love it.

Some marinara type of pasta sauce–yep, throw in chicken.  Lentil soup?  Chili?  I realized even beautiful breakfast potatoes–why not.  They could be chickenified so easily.

Something special I made them was kinda like chile verde but with chicken instead of pork.  I never made chile verde in my life, but I saw my mom make it for my dad many times, over the years.  He really loved it.  She made it hot, and it was a special treat for him.

I put onion, garlic, bell pepper, and a bunch of tomatillo salsa for the sauce.  Then shredded chicken.  It was definitely a lazy-person’s chile verde, chicken style.  But it was full of love nonetheless.

new zine

Ming took me to FedEx so I could make machinable original of the new zine functionally ill 31, to take to my real print shop L&K.  We were a little bit early, so he took my picture.


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