Dangerous Compassions

dance park

“Hey, honey,” I said to Ming.  “What if we danced in a vacant lot.  And then a bunch of other people started dancing in the vacant lot too.  And it turned into a dance park.”

“Mmm,” Ming said.

“Yeah!  Wouldn’t that be cool?”  I imagined we put in a good dance surface, like the springy ground they put sometimes at kid playgrounds in parks.  Like cork.  Our knees would thank us.

And a durable shade structure like they put over playgrounds here.  Maybe a sign about the dance park, welcoming dancing.

silent disco

“You know B up in Portland dances in a silent disco,” I said.  “I see pictures sometimes on instagram.”

I explained to Ming how the silent disco works.  “I would really like to do that–I wish there was one in Las Vegas.  But probably it would be not that welcoming to me.”  I thought it would be for thin people, party people, some idea of fit I don’t resemble.

Then I googled and saw there’s a silent disco sometimes, at Container Park.  Container Park is this mall made of containers, in downtown.  The containers are shipping containers.  And there’s a big courtyard in the middle, where the dancing happens.

This silent disco is run by a company, and they supply the headphones and three djs, who each play a different music style.  The first 50 tickets are free.

Is it covid safe enough?  Will it be creepy to sweat on someone else’s headphones?  Who knows.  I thought the silent disco was a people’s thing, not a company’s way of making money.  But maybe we’ll try.


Someone sent me a book she wrote because I donated to a cause supporting foster kids.  She asked me to take a picture.


I woke up really really sad.  I held myself, then cried on Ming.  He held me kindly and told me I’m ok.  Then I got up to write and get support from other people so he can sleep.  There are voice messages and polos waiting from kind friends who love me.  Doesn’t make sense to be lonely when I’m so loved.

Sometimes the love doesn’t get into me right.  There are a few kind, brilliant ladies who give a lot to me.  I need to let their love into me, not leave it outside of the gate because they’re not my mom.

ya devi

I posted on my youtube this original video I submitted to the For Goodness Sake music fest.  The video includes the sacred song I sang part of at the park.  Mother God is worshiped as intelligence, power, and peace.  Please enjoy.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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