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prayer requests

A friend asked me if I had any prayer requests.  He’s a prayer chaplain, so that’s something he loves.  Prayers have been a big part of our friendship.  To answer his question, I made a list.  You know me–I love making lists and am good at it.

Then I sent the list to a few other friends over email, so they could learn what I’m working on lately, and so they could pray along, if they wanted to.  I always want to be a person who prays well with others.  And I’m also looking for creative ways of asking for help and support.  I’m trying some new things.

Thought you might like to see the list also, reader friend.  Maybe you could know me better, or see a prayer you would like to take on for yourself, in your own life.

I love prayer as a way to learn what’s important to me and what I need help with.  It’s a way I can organize my desires.  Whether or not a deity is listening, I can communicate my needs with myself, at the very least.  And now with you.

prayer requests

prayer requests

that Mother God bless my body in health, all its systems and needs, and teach me how to listen to myself and give my body what it’s asking for

that I remain resilient in the face of grief and suffering to continue my life’s work

to bless me to love people as they are with a smile, to love people how they want to be loved

to help me stay safe as I journey in my imagination and not get lost on the Crazy Path

to help me practice good boundaries, saying no, saying yes, to trust myself, and to let go of people who try to control or shame me

to help me trust and untrust others

strength to speak my truth in writing, art, community

strength to let go of the denial I was taught in my family

strength to let other people feel their feelings including anger, to allow my dear ones total freedom to be who they are and make their own choices, unhindered by my judgments, especially Ming

health of Ming and appropriate devotion to his well-being

strength to feel my own feelings all the way and keep them moving through

blessings to the soul of my mama, wherever it may be

blessings to the soul of my dad, wherever it may be

blessings to my sacred homeland of strawberries, broccoli, eucalyptus trees, ocean, horned lizards, cow fields, live oaks, avocado trees, and ancestors

blessings to all my communities–may I joyfully play my roles within them, soaked in vivid honesty

to know where I belong, where to live, to do the work I’m most needed for

to live in Love and adjust skillfully to the world as it is, while striving to create a new world of nurturing justice

inspiring quote as bonus

“My religion is very simple.  My religion is kindness.” -the Dalai Lama

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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