Dangerous Compassions

my truth

My friend made a mini-zine, and there’s a poem by me in it.  The zine is made of thank you notes!  I love saying thank you.  My truth is in there.  Please consider procuring a copy, which will entail donating to an org that supports foster kids.

my truth

California Herbal Medics

I have a page in this herb zine too, by the California Herbal Medics.  They are in the Central Coast area which is my homeland.  The zine is online for now–please read for free.  My page is about lavender.

my truth


I felt vulnerable, posting that Goldilocks post the other day about mixedness.  Did I say the wrong things?  Hopefully my truth is ok, even if I make a mistake.

It’s my truth–if my truth is wrong, not sure what to do about that.  I could research, take some new info into me, try to transform my truth?  Mostly my truth shifts organically, but I could try to shift it on purpose, some direction.

The idea of Mixed Island was delicious–reminds me of Bi-Pan-Fluid Island.  Or really it reminds me of Trans Island, a place I could never visit.  I’ve heard of it, though.  A beautiful, comfortable place with lots of swimming.

If I could be trans, I would go to Trans Island and swim with dear trans people, and it would be deeply fun. We’d fly through the air on the rope swing someone tied in the tree and fall joyfully into the water.  Plop!  Well, maybe I would break the rope.  Not sure the swing is fat friendly.  Hahahaha.  Well, this is a fantasy.  In my fantasy, certainly, the swing is strong and safe.

Never thought of Fat Island.  That might be nice.  Yes, I could island hop.  Fat Island sounds kind of like a special treehouse for fat people.

special day

Oh hey, I just thought of something.  What if once a year there was Bring Your Cis Spouse to Trans Island day.  And then Ming could lovingly bring me, and I could visit.  Yeah!!!  Way to fantasize a loophole, Laura-Marie.

Love to all the islanders and non-islanders.  You matter to me.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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