Dangerous Compassions

music and magic

I don’t usually use the word magic, but the talk was named by someone else, so I’m going with it.  Please see this video of me talking about music and magic, my practice run for the presentation I’m giving for the local UU pagan group.

I might say something’s magical, like the magical parking lot.  Or even magical-agical.  But magic to me sounds like a card game my friends played but I never played.  I sold booster packs, impulse buys by the register, when I worked at the software store, as a kid.

Music for sure I use that word, and magic is something I do believe in.  So with some effort, I can use that word.  People love alliteration.  I’m happy we can can enjoy poetry.  Poetry gets such a bad reputation, but we use it every day.


Like magic–I use magic every day also.  I’d say it’s Shakti, chi, life force, spirit, energy.  Even love.  Not sure those are all the same things, but lots of overlap.  Being wick–that animating vivid liveliness.

I had a cousin-in-law named Vida long ago–I love that name.  I always thought that’d be an incredible name to live up to.

The cow that wanders into the frame to graze behind me is lovely–we couldn’t have planned that.  And the cat is fun and not too distracting, I hope.  Poor Ming standing there, holding his iphone, trying to stay woke.  Afterward he told me little bugs were biting his legs, from the grass.  Oh, sweetheart.  I’m sorry.  Narcolepsy plus cat attack plus lil bugs biting.  The things we do for love and art.

real thing

I wrote some notes and this talk is from my notes.  Some parts I could cut, and I always get nervous for the real thing and tend to rush, so it will hopefully be more like 15 minutes for the real thing.

Otherwise, please let me know if you have ideas of important parts I left out, important ideas about music and magic.  Someone last meeting mentioned sound healing.  Sounds good, but I don’t know about that.

Hahahaha–sounds good could be the name of my new sound healing business.  Even if my sound did not heal, probably it would be fun to try.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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