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functionally ill 30

I made a new zine, functionally ill 30 wellness plan.  I feel happy and proud.

functionally ill 30

It had been just more than a year since I made an issue of functionally ill.  Wow!  I took a break.  But I was making tons of other zines.

It’s been 14 years I’ve been making functionally ill.  This zine has helped keep me alive.  But may be time to retire it, since I hate the name, by now!  But I think the name has taken on a life of its own.  It got more than the sum of its parts.  Like Donkey Kong.  Wtf.  That monster is not a donkey!


The swirly tree stump was supposed to be a well.  The breast of the lady with the rose on her head has no nipple to avoid censorship, but maybe I shoulda pushed it.  You could draw your own nipple.  I always think of people I send zines to in jail.  But there are few.

functionally ill 30

There are mushroom drawings inside.  Not sure why–I wanted to include a few strawberries but forgot.  Been so scattered lately, can barely maintain capitation.

Hmm, that’s really latinate.  Not sure why I’m sliding to the latinate side.  I’d rather be more Germanic, usually.


The zine is mostly made of my wellness plan.  Last year I did a t-maps workshop, which changed my life in a big way.  Mostly through the friends I made–vibrant, amazing people to know and love.  Some still nourish my soul.

The zine has a contextualizing intro, “how to enjoy this zine,” a lot of lists about my values, strengths, wellness strategies, warning signs, types of help I want when I need help.  The lists are from my t-map.  And there are cute drawings.

Please let me know if you would like to trade for functionally ill 30.  I’m excited to share, especially with people who have a wellness plan or a half-finished wellness plan, people who like radical mental health, people who are friends with me and want to know more what I go through, or if you’d like to compare notes on what you experience with your mental health.  I hope readers enjoying seeing my strategies for how I stay happy and want to take some strategies for their own.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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