Dangerous Compassions

valid park walker

“Do I look like a valid park walker?  Or weird lady who forgot to put her shirt on?” I asked Ming.

valid park walker

It was my first time wearing a sports bra to walk at a park.  Not sure the world is ready for this panza.  But this panza is ready for the world.  Really, it has no desire to be gazed upon by the public.  But it definitely desires the sunshine on it.

Yes, sun magic!  Vitamin d and whatever unknown, unmeasured good.

Then there’s the aspect of fatness and fat liberation.  I’d rather not hide my tummy just because it’s huge–I’d rather help make a world where my tummy is ok.  But that might take a while.

Yesterday three sports bras came in the mail, and it was exciting.  So yeah, this is the teal and black one.  There’s the skull one and a flowery one.  Maybe I’ll show you those ones too, if those bras can help me be a valid park walker also.


I saw a key on a checker flag lanyard, hanging by the tennis court.


I saw a trans flag stuck in a tree.  Or maybe a trans kite?  Pretty!

trans flag

“Hay!” I said.  “Why are those hay bales melting?  Wow, I hope they don’t catch on fire.  I bet they’re composting in the middle.  Yikes, these people better be careful!”


There are no houses close to this hay.  It made me think about when I was working at a certain botanic garden, some compost began to smolder, and it was a problem because that canyon was very flammable and full of rich people’s houses.  I was offered work watching the compost.

“What’s that little jar?” I asked. “I saw jars like that by our house.  It reminds me of when I was a kid and fishing, and we had little jars like that of salmon eggs, for bait.”

I used my shoe-toe to turn the jar over.  “Oh!  It’s weed!”  I saw the word indica and knew.  I’ve got no love for weed, but lots of people do, so I hear about it.


This sycamore tree looked so good in the dawn light, it almost looked wellamore!


“Could you do me a favor?” I asked Ming.  “Could you open your eyes when you walk?”  He was sleep walking.  He swallowed an energy shot, trying to wake up.

valid park walker


Before that, the sky was doing some amazing things, as the sun rose.  Some pink clouds right by some gray clouds.  I guess the clouds appeared close from my perspective, but were at very different heights.





By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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