Dangerous Compassions

spirituality in activism


I fell in love with the desert, activism, and Ming all at the same time.  It was a Sacred Peace Walk, here in Nevada, two years before we moved here.  Spirituality in activism is important to me.

Recently I read this essay Activism as Spirituality that spoke some truths that are important to me.  Please give a look, if you get the chance.

My favorite part of this essay is about how prayer is grounding, and then the action is more meaningful.  The danger feels too dangerous, going into it just me and my ideals.  I feel way more strong taking risks while my feet are solid on the Earth, and I’m extra-aware of how I’m connected to Mother God, to do what I need to do.

Mother’s Day

I remember showing up at the test site feeling scared, on Mother’s Day.  Outnumbered by cops, me and Ming in the desert, just after dawn.  I felt scared, but holding art I’d made, then praying and singing–I was still scared, but there was a layer of deep ok under all of it.  The ok layer was glowing.  They could do whatever–I was there for a purpose bigger than me, bigger than anything.

Kinda like when mother God spoke to me and said she had been taking care of me my whole life–why would she stop when I crossed to the other side?  It might have been a hallucination, but it didn’t feel like one.  Lots of atheists could think this incident was a dream or fabricated hokum.  But she spoke to me as clear as anything, that night.

Yes, crossing into the other side of death, or the other side of the line at the test site.  Doing what I need to do feels important, why I’m here as a human, doing the human things.


You could call me a hippie–that would not be inaccurate.  But it makes sense to prepare emotionally for any big thing we do.  Risking arrest, talking to cops, approaching a line, getting married, making art, having a baby, saying goodbye to someone, planting a tree…

I’m praying all day, and that’s how living makes sense to me.  Connecting with love and Source.  I see God everywhere, so why not admit what I’m seeing.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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