Dangerous Compassions


Protein helps me feel more resilient.  My moods get less all over the place.  So I’m trying to eat more protein, but that isn’t always easy.  I’m mostly a vegetarian and gravitate toward carbs, fats, and veg.

I don’t like protein powder–I would rather eat more what feels like real food.  Not to be rude to protein powder–I’m sure you are fine.  Hahaha, yes, powder is often fine!

I found an article with lots of protein for vegetarians info.  I don’t like fake meat either.  Well, it can be delicious.  But it feels like junk food.  Tofu also.  I could have some for a treat, but I don’t want to live that way.

The article gave me some ideas.  I don’t know the website and would not base everything on trusting it.  More I’m just casually looking for a reminder of foods I like but might have forgotten about, or they fell out of my mind for no good reason.


Adding a ton of onion and garlic seems like a good idea.  Otherwise, how do you make lentils taste good?  Smoked paprika?  There can be lentil patties.  Yeah, maybe.  Onion, garlic, salt, pepper, some nice spices, with breadcrumbs and gooey something to hold it together?

Some sage might be nice in there.  My patties always fall apart, and I find that annoying.  But maybe I just didn’t try hard enough.

Sometimes also I would cook my lentils to make patties, and then just eat the lentils like soup.  I would be too tired to continue the process.  Yes, disabled eating is for real.

other protein foods

I can’t eat nutritional yeast, though I love it.  Chia seeds and hemp seeds–yes, I want those, especially hemp seeds.  So tasty and easy to throw in my bowl of oatmeal or amaranth.

Chia seeds I want to soak beforehand, so that requires a modicum of forethought.  We have some in the fridge.  Hemp seed I could not find in their designated spot.  I will search harder.

Oats sound great.  Amaranth I eat, and quinoa I eat all the freakin’ time.  On a daily basis.  Nuts and nut butters are wonderful, but nut butters feel high maintenance.  I have way more nuts than nut butters.

Wild rice is lovely.  I want to buy some.  I always see it really expensive.  Maybe I just need to accept it’s going to be that way and eat the cost.

breakfast of champion

Here’s a breakfast I made for Ming.


It’s matcha soba, carrot, green onion, sesame oil, soy sauce, olive oil, Ethiopian spices, and a tofurky Italian sausage.  Yes, fake meat is a treat!  All in a paper bowl because disability, ocd, and that’s how we roll.  He really liked it.

Sandor Katz

Hey look, in Montana there’s going to be a Bacteria Bazaar with Sandor Katz.  Fermenting stuff can be a way to increase nutrition in general.  Sounds fun.  I want to go to Montana really bad.


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