Dangerous Compassions

Love & Rage

Race, Gender, and Anarchist Cultural Politics is a cool panel I saw online over zoom.  There were three speakers speaking some truth of their expertise.

I learned a lot–something about anarchist propaganda in the Caribbean up to 1920, then some Spanish writers who were women, and also a little about Love & Rage, which was anarchist organizers in the 1980s in the US.

Many times I’ve heard Love & Rage mentioned, but I was not sure what it was.  It’s fun to hear academics talk about what they cherish.

Then I was digging on my desk and found a zine by a friend.  Wow, uh, how did that get buried, how long had to been there, and how strange, for it to finally turn up…?

love and rage

intentional community

Ming tells me this intentional community we live in is the best he’s ever seen.  A friend shared with me the link to this article about intentional community on the east cost, at some popular places I’ve heard of often.  Reading this article, I understand better how Ming must be right.

Hell Is Other People: a Communal Living Experience is so well written and sad!  So many shit shows, so prevalent!  Abuse of power, assault and assault, crumbling buildings, composting toilet debacles, fucked up process of letting people in, what restorative justice looks like.  Drug use, chores, and even a horrible eye inflection related to boundary violation.

Repeat abuser?  Can’t kick him out–just get him a house elsewhere and say it’s an urban satellite.  Voting on whether to support a pregnancy, excuses to work around policy, pronouns not honored.

I was glad to learn the hammocks aren’t made there anymore.  It gave me a ton of food for thought.  All in clear, compelling writing.  Wow, I hope you read and enjoy.


Lack of hierarchy is a joke.  Hierarchies just become more insidious.  Too true.  Truth hurts.

Despite that, I need community–I can’t give up.

love rage

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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