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how the chicken experiment went

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Hey, gmorning.  I wanted to tell  you how the chicken experiment went!

Yes, so we got that 15 pounds or whatever of free chicken in the culinary school free box.  There were other foods that I would consider normal foods, like carrots, onion, rice, potatoes, apples, beans, corn tortillas…

Ming and I don’t eat mammals, reptiles, birds.  No spiders–no intentional consumption of bugs.  Even when I ate chicken, 25 years ago, I never cooked it.

It was stressful to have chicken around, I must admit.  I’m anxious about contamination and the yuckness of having dead bodies around.  But we were motivated by desire to feed the hungry elders in the back house.  They love meat.  One was suffering badly from pain from sciatica and having trouble eating enough.


I put the big bag of frozen chicken on a big tray and cleared a shelf in the fridge.  We let the chicken thaw enough to disconnect the individual large pieces–I think there were eight pieces?  Leg with thigh and some extra.

First meal served was plain chicken, cooked in our crock pot.  Ming put the chicken in with an inch or so of water.

Second meal was chicken cacciatore.  It involved an onion diced, some bell pepper, spices, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, and tomato paste.  We served it with a little rice.

Third meal was a chicken salad made with quinoa, cucumber, and lemon-tahini dressing from a bottle.

Fourth meal was some pasta with tomato sauce and chicken shredded.  Thanks to Ming for shredding!

Fifth meal was chicken pasta salad with pesto.  As you probably know, pesto is my specialty.  We go through a lot of fresh basil, at our house!

Now I think no, there were not eight large pieces of chicken–there must have been ten, because I used two pieces per meal.


I wanted to tell you what we made because of the novelty of it.  Also to help us remember for next time, if we do this again.  It was hard to think of what to make.

Other ideas we considered were a chicken pasta salad with veg bits and Italian dressing, chicken stir fry with veg, chicken enchiladas, chicken burritos.  I didn’t want to use the oven to make enchiladas, and I don’t think they’re big fans of veg, regarding stir fry.  But these ideas might be good to try in the future!

thank you

Thank you to Ming for all the clean up, washing extra dishes, dealing with residue of chicken fat on dishes, the stress of germ potential, meat thermometer, delivering the food to the elders, and managing which of our dishes they had, when.  I’m very glad we’re on the same page with our values and what really matters.

We’re here on earth to love, help, give, and enjoy life.  Sometimes it can be hard to balance our needs as disabled people with the needs of others, in their varying states of ability and disability.

Thank you for trying, with me.  How the chicken experiment went equals amazing, because of you.  I love you.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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