Dangerous Compassions

bagel cafe

We ate at Bagel Cafe, which opens at 7am.

bagel cafe

Ming is a Jew, and he is Chinese-American.  He was cared for by Jews as a young adult, and he has two adult kids who are Chinese-American and Jewish.  So this bagel cafe food is extra special to him, like Mexican food might be for me.

bagel cafe

Ming brought me to my first Seder and second one too, and he’s helped me learn so many amazing things.  Like hamantash, afikomen, and how to pronounce lavash.  Not to mention permaculture, Joanna Macy, and how to do relationship in a happy way.  What a kind, brilliant sweetheart.

We’ve been making cold brew tea.  Trying to help me stay hydrated.  Here’s lemongrass and rosehip.  Both very tasty, and I think rosehip has vitamin c.  I eat zero citrus, so I’m always looking for vitamin c.



We saw some cool graffiti on our morning walk.  This fish face one reminded me of Kandinsky.  Does that mean I’m a geek?  I’m sorry–I love Kandinsky.  I can’t help it.  Please scorn me if you will.


I thought the lobster thing was a cool invention–lobster-bunny-robot.  But my friend told me it’s from a cartoon.  I was duped!

Yeah, you never loved me for my breadth of cultural knowledge.  You always loved me for my swiss cheeseness and weirdass autistic specialties.  Admit it.

Or you loved me for something else entirely I may never know.  I thought this container was super beautiful, so I asked Ming to take my picture with it.


Yeah, I’m nuts about containers.  Or I’m just nuts.  Many psychiatrists have said such.  I’m so glad to avoid them now, for as long as possible.  Rue the day I must return.

I looked at the phone and told Ming, “I look blown out.”  Then I was thinking damn, I am just white.  What is Mexican-ness anyway?  I wanna write a whole zine about race, mixedness, Mexico, New Mexico, my ancestors, my parents, and what matters.  I’ll keep you posted.

close to home

I’m not one to drop random memes about!  At least not here.  But this one made me laugh for so long, laugh and cry.


I want a master’s degree in memes so bad.  Can I be a meme scholar?  Yes, so much.  Yes, I am there already.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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